I love talking almost as much as I love cooking!! Even though this blog will mainly focus on everything “food” from smoothies, juicing, health benefits to recipes of all types. I will also share things about my life lessons as well as things I find interesting or helpful. I will be sharing in post quotes that I love and share my views on life in hopes to make people ask better questions or start a conversation. I hope to build friendships and inspire more people to start cooking, gardening and even composting.

Cooking foods from around the world is not only my passion but EASY! Thanks to YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and all the TV Network Food Channels, not to mention the reality Cooking shows as well.
I believe anyone can cook with a shopping list and a recipe, but there are some of us who were born Foodies! We are here to change the way people cook and eat. I feel I was blessed with a passion to live in my kitchen, shop in markets, forage for new ingredients, try new fusions, take what I was taught and all I’ve learned…dump it on its head and re-create. Then again, sometimes that simple roasted chicken with onions, carrots and potatoes (with a quick pan gravy) is all my heart desires..

I am here to share all that and more. Here are just a few countries (regions) that have inspired my cooking:

America — Recipes passed down from generation to generation






Middle East



I’ll be making (and sharing) everything from healthy to traditional to trendy. I’ll create mostly from scratch, but when things are crazy busy sometimes short cuts are nice, too. Videos and/or photos will be posted with all food recipes. I even have some kid-friendly recipes your whole family is sure to love.

Cheers to a happy and healthy life for all of us!!

Ms Foodie🤗