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Quick and Easy Tips to Remember for Your Health ~ Body Mind and Soul

It seems the world today is busier then ever before. I know that gets said a lot but really it is so true with the www at our fingertips, it is hard to have human connection. I feel that our relationships have become deeper with our smart phones and tablets, then we have with real […]

Did You Know…Public Library

I love BOOKS! I love reading, collecting, flipping trough and now writing books. I have always loved going to the library, especially big library’s like in New York, SF and Portland. They are all so different yet the same, even small towns have libraries. Do you like libraries? Have you ever traveled to a new […]

First Post…The World According to Ms Foodie

I love talking almost as much as I love cooking!! Even though this blog will mainly focus on everything “food” from smoothies, juicing, health benefits to recipes of all types. I will also share things about my life lessons as well as things I find interesting or helpful. I will be sharing in post quotes […]