My name is Heather Valentine and like many others who blog, I do so because I’m a person who loves to share my ideas and passions with others.  I love everything recipes, but in the kitchen I rarely follow them, but rather use them as inspiration and as tools to create new ones.  I realize not everyone likes to cook without recipes so I will share recipes as well.   Clean eating, removing toxins from our food, water, personal and household products will also be a huge part of what I share.  My hope is to inspire and teach you new tricks in the kitchen and for your home, and it will be a place where you can join in the conversation.

More about me… I also love quotes and affirmations…for example:
“If you are good at something…that is what you lean into when it gets tough.” RuPaul

I know I claim to be a child of the 60’s but it’s really more of the 80’s. We can just skip the 1970’s altogether from the clothes to the cars to the presidents. I did like big hair, disco, rock n roll and roller skating then again I was in grade school.

I’ve never liked to follow and live by rules!  I’ve lived by the quote “Ask for FORGIVENESS rather than PERMISSION”.   Growing up, rules seemed to be everywhere around me!   I was lucky in Life to have had a mother who loved imagination and enthusiasm.   She never treated her children like one size fits all. She knew early on that I was a fun, out of the box thinker and her “happy girl”. I liked to live life fast, hard and out loud.   School settings sucked for me, and the 9 to 5 job was definitely not for me.  So mom gave me the idea to drop 10th grade, get my GED and go to beauty school where I thrived and launched my own career.

I was born an entrepreneur and was able to live as one for most of my life. I have had great success and I have also failed fast and hard over and over. No matter what I do, I don’t quit, I brush off and try again. Deep down I’ve always known I was on this Earth to make a difference. So with this blog I hope I can help people learn from my success, failures and teach what I’ve learned from my journeys.

I often dream what the world would look like if there were no rules just love, acceptance and trust. Then just like that…John Lennon pops in my head and sings…”IMAGINE”.