Best Purple Mashed Potatoes

Best Purple Mashed Potatoes


My love for potatoes runs deep, I am from IDAHO! Even though I tell people I grew up in Nor Cal (Northern California) but am now an Oregonian. I still blame my passion for potatoes on Idaho. Many years ago I fell in love with purple potatoes and soon found out it was for the color only. I thought they were to starchy and needed so much butter why bother.

Then one day I read thisโ€ฆ
Purple potatoes are nutrient rich like broccoli, spinach and brussel sprouts!! Plus like other potatoes they can help lower and regulate blood pressure. Of course their deep rich color make them high in phytonutrients. Say what!!

I decided to give these purple wonders another shot. Sure enough, I became hooked!! Today we eat them often baked, mashed and roasted are the favorites.

This is what I personally know to be true. Not all purple potatoes are created equally, just like russets. They do have different varieties, I’m not sure I could tell you how to tell them apart. I do know that for me the ones with purple and white inside are creamier and make great mashed potatoes on their own. Here are a few different photos.

These potatoes will stain everything they touch, so if you are roasting with lighter veggies, pork or chicken expect to see purple spots. Purple carrots stain too!

So if you need some natural purple color in your food, think potatoes n carrots lol No, Really!!!


This recipe is:



heathy and could be made low fat

kid friendly





Best Purple Mashed Potatoes

You will need:
5-8 purple potatoes
2-3 large russet potatoes
1/2 stick butter
Milk (I like whole fat)
Fresh ground pepper and Himalayan salt
Kosher salt or sea salt (for boil water)
Garlic (optional)

To make:
To peel or not to peel is up to you, read tips below.
Grab a heavy stainless stock pot.
Boil potatoes in salted water like the sea.
When potatoes are fork or knife tender, drain water and dump back into hot pot.
Add a knob of butter, dash of pink salt and a few grinds of pepper. Take a masher and mash down potatoes, next add a few cups of milk (you can use warm milk) but I always keep potatoes warm in oven while I cook meat, grill mushrooms or finish gravy ectโ€ฆ
Now take your hand mixer on low speed and start whipping potatoes, stop mixer, scrap sides down and add more milk if they look dry. Potatoes will drink milk like thirsty kittens. Now beat once more till fluffy BUT DO NOT OVER BEAT or you will make glue!!!! If you have added to much milk, just keep potatoes on low heat while stirring.
Now add more SnP if needed and little dots of butter everywhere so it melts into golden pools of yumminess.
When it is time to plate up you can give it one more grind of pepper and nice dot of butter right in the middle.

If we are having chicken, mushrooms or fish I will peel potatoes. If we are having steak or ribs we leave skins on. If the potatoes are not organic we peel or if the skins are getting old and wrinkly. Yes we eat old potatoes because we don’t waste food.
MILK and BUTTER: I have used cream but sometimes the texture is to thick and not creamy when using hand mixer. I do not use sticks of butter because I do not feel the need to over fat something that taste so good or that I am going to eat gravy with. I also think it is a big fat waste of butter and I love the melted pools of butter on topโ€ฆmaybe that is just my thing.
POT: if you do not have heavy bottom stainless stock pot, please do not use hand mixer in pot. You can mash by hand but may have lumps or you can transfer to warm glass bowl.

Low fat or Vegan:

skip the butter and milk and boil in a veggie broth, pour and SAVE VEGGIE BROTH, start mashing, then add some coconut or olive oil. Mix in some reserved boiling broth if to dry. You can used the left over broth to make a veggie soup too. Try some amino acid with pepper for seasoning. You can also use vegan butter and nut milk.


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