Brie and Cranberry Wreath

Brie and Cranberry Wreath


We love Brie cheese so much in our family, we eat it often!! We love double creamed, triple creamed, goat milk Brie and even commercial American brie. So, finding new ways to display our brie appetizer  or new recipes to share is always a good thing. I love this recipe because it does look fancy and with the eggwash it is only 5 ingredients.

This can be done with your favorite jam any time of the year, cranberries are in season and I already had my jam made. I also chose cranberries for the color, their sharp bright taste and for the healthy benefits they give our bodies.

Here are a few reasons fresh cranberries should make it to your seasonal table.
• Cheap
• Easy to prepare
• Improves your immunity
• Lowers your blood pressure
• Keeps your urinary tract healthy
• Freeze well 6-12 months ( fresh) and does not loose its benefits

This recipe is
• Quick
• Easy
• Fun
• Kid friendly
• Yummy

Best served hot to room temp, so very flexible.

Brie & Cranberry Wreath

1 round of Brie or large wedge
1 puff pastry square
Cranberry Jam (my quick recipe is below)
1 cup of pecans whole and chopped
1 egg

If you make your own puff pastry, you rock! I however buy mine.
You want your puff to be cold but not frozen when working with it.
I lay mine on a cold baking sheet with parchment paper down. I then take a glass bowl smaller then the puff square and use as a pattern. Of course I was not thinking to get pictures while doing this…sorry. Without cutting through your puff, press inverted bowl down enough to a leave and impression. Then with a sharp knife cut like a pie inside that circle, pizza cutters work great too. First cut 1/2 then 1/4 then you can 1/2 each quarter till you end up with 8 pie wedges.

Next follow your bowl line with cranberry jam or whatever jam you like. Then spread a ring outward without going off the puff. I have used raspberry, apricot, pineapple jalapeño and orange marmalade. I personally do not like marmalade but hubby and his parents do and I am a great wife and daughter in law! Lol

Next cut your brie into nice thick slices, I like to make long slices across the whole round. Then I take the middle slices and cut those in half. Of course nothing goes to waste because hubby is right there with his hand out, like a mouse!

Look at that cute man hand aka the mouse…

Now the fun artsy part…pick up each pie wedge from the middle and fold over the cheese. Repeat till done. If I was taking this to a party I would dot each end with egg wash, so pie ends don’t pop up.

Next take your sharp knife or pizza cutter and make a cut in the middle of your outer quarm tips, so they can fold over the cheese making a wreath shape. Now decorate with nuts however you choose. Make sure to eggwash the top of pastry so you get your golden top. To make eggwash, crack and beat egg with about 1 tbs of water, then brush on or use clean fingers.

You could sprinkle some raw sugar on top but it was thanksgiving and I didn’t want to go sugar crazy. This was a tangy and savory app.

I Bake 375 for 10-15 till golden and bubbly DO NOT OVER BAKE.

You can also bake according to the puff pastry instructions, if you don’t know your oven.




Aaww I think I am going to have to go buy more Brie now lol



Quick Cranberry Jam

Rinse fresh cranberries, fill medium size sauce pan half way. Add enough water to cover bottom of pan, add 1/2 cup sugar to start. I use raw organic, zest a lemon and squeeze the juice. Bring to a boil while stirring. Cranberries will start to hiss and pop, keep stirring. Once cranberries are really cooking, turn down heat. Start mashing with back of a spoon, I use my bean smasher to help them along. Add water if it looks to dry, taste and add a little more sugar if it is to tart. Keep stirring till it looks more like jame and less like cranberries. Important: Never leave the stove while making jam and at this point TURN OFF THE HEAT…Let rest and it will keep cooking with the lid on.

It truly is that easy. This will keep in your fridge for upto 3 months as long as you keep it in a airtight mason jar. You can also freeze this for up to 9 months.


Have Fun, Enjoy and don’t stress out.

oxox Ms Foodie

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