Is it Really Better to Give Then Receive

Is it Really Better to Give Then Receive

The age old question…would you rather give or receive!? Which is better? I personally think both are important!


To receive with an open heart and to be truly grateful for the gift received including compliments, is a win win. If someone tells you your dress is cute or you look radiant today, do not rob them of giving by saying “thanks I love your dress too!” Instead say thank you and take in that compliment. Most people are not giving compliments because they want one back, same with gift giving. I love giving gifts but let’s face it, I too love receiving gifts!! I get very excited about both. The other day I mentioned to my step mom I was going to send off a New Years gift because I had missed Christmas…a different story. She told me there was no need for that and me staying healthy was gift enough. Total mom kind of answer but it made me sad because I was excited about the gift I was sending, it was heartfelt and made with my own hands. It made me wonder, did she not like the gifts I had given before? I am at an age where I do not feel pressure to give gifts to people just because it is a holiday. Of course I don’t want to give gifts to people whom really don’t want them as well.

Volunteering is another gift that is truly a win win. Many studies have been done and this type of gift giving is really good for your body, mind and soul. The article said: When Canadian tenth-graders in a recent study began volunteering at an after-school program for children, the high schoolers lost weight and had improved cholesterol profiles compared to their non-volunteering peers. In the journal “JAMA Pediatrics”, the researchers concluded, “Adolescents who volunteer to help others also benefit themselves, suggesting a novel way to improve health.”

I thought that was pretty remarkable. So my conclusion is this, do both and do them well. Give with love and receive with an open grateful heart because in the end both are a win win for both involved.


oxox HAPPY NEW YEAR Ms Foodie

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