Delicata Squash Veggie French Fries “deli-fries”

Delicata Squash Veggie French Fries “deli-fries”


Fall is in full swing and that can only mean one thing…soups, chili’s and stews OH MY!
Winter Squash is everywhere right now and WE LOVE IT!! It is truly so much more then just the Halloween and Thanksgiving décor and pie. Butternut squash has been a favorite for over ten plus years before that it was acorn squash. It seems in the past couple years sugar pumpkins, kabocha (not to be confused with kombucha) and delicata squash are now headlining. What is so yummy and fun about delicata is the name comes from “delicate skin” meaning you can eat it. So turning this winter squash into skin on fries was a must and EASY!!!! We also love butternut fries and of course sweet potato fries but delicata not only cuts up fast it also bakes super fast.

We love to switch things up around here, so pretty much what we like on popcorn we love on fries and chips. For our “deli-fries” we love slap ya mama, chipotle, Sriracha salt or just plain S-n-P.

Ms Foodies Veggie “Deli-Fries”

1 delicata squash
1-2 tbsp coconut or avocado oil
Seasoning of your choice

Preheat oven 400*
Wash squash and scrap off any hard nubs with butter knife.
Slice in half length way unless making Veggie Rings. Scrape out seeds and roast like pumpkin seeds or feed to the birds.

Slice in french fries strips lengthwise or my favorite half moon.

Lightly toss with oil then place on metal baking sheet (for best crisp)
Add season and bake for apx 12 mins then flip and bake another 7-10 mins this really depends on your oven temp, placement on rack and thickness of cut.



Cut slices all same width as best you can so bake time will be the same.
Best way to do this is with a mandolin
I usually cut free hand and my few that are thinner I use as testers for seasoning check at half way point because I CAN NEVER WAIT!! To taste them during flip time.
You could use Pyrex, foil or silpad but I love my bake sheets, for the best crispy fries.

For a quick Sriracha salt blend some sea salt or Hymalian salt with Sriracha sauce, spread out on a parchment paper or foil lined baking sheet and set in oven 175 to dry out for an hour, turn off oven and leave overnight or till salt feels dry. You can store this in a spice shaker bottle or airtight container.


To dip or not to dip…
We really can eat these just as is but sometimes with the spicy ones we do love plain yogurt with a little dill or chives or cilantro. For party’s where not everyone loves spice baking these with just S-n-P then adding spice to yogurt dips is the way to go. For kids let’s face it many like just plain ol ketchup my favorite store bought ketchups are this and this one.


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