After Laser Surgery Lanap and What I Really Think Part 3

After Laser Surgery Lanap and What I Really Think Part 3


Periodontists and dentists will never be able to do anything about periodontitis if they can’t stop gum disease in their own mouths! That alone should tell you that gum disease is so much more than brushing and flossing. I still believe it has everything to do with your DNA, what you eat and how you live, plus what you use as your oral hygiene routine. Of course, I am not a doctor, and I am not treating anyone’s problem or telling people what they should do. I am just sharing my own opinion and experience.

The research and private practice of Dr. Robert O. Nara, who is also the Founder of Oramedics International, the world’s only group dedicated to helping people AVOID disease rather than treating the results of the disease; i.e., needles, knives, drugs, drilling, pulling and replacing with false teeth! The diagnosis of the problem, and its predictable solution, is based on over 30 years of study. That is dedication! Dr. Nara has a lot to say, but I really loved this part:

NARA: “I think that—in most cases—a combination of both these beliefs is at work, because the concept of a really effective oral health program is simply beyond the scope of most people’s experience. For example, note the toothpaste ads that are run on television: “Look, Mom, only one cavity!” Now, that ad is claiming—and the manufacturers of that product are claiming—that really good prevention will result in only one cavity every six months! At that rate, a person could have more than 32 fillings by the time he or she reaches 21 years of age! It’s crazy, and this kind of advertising contributes to our national indifference toward the prevention of dental disease.”

Dentists always want to blame the patients for improper tooth brushing. All doctors are alike….dentists, medical doctors, etc….when there are good results taking place, they immediately take all the credit. When bad results are happening, they blame the patient!

I find it frustrating that most medical people have a hard time agreeing on a “game plan” I also find it sad that most are bought by big Pharma, and don’t give an honest or straight answer or, worse, can’t speak freely for fear of lawsuits.

This is the third of a 3-part blog about my experience. Here is my final conclusion and some tips I’ve learned on this two-year, very costly, journey:

1. I’m not sure Lanap is the only answer for perio pockets. I’m still wondering if all that money was worth it. My hygienist says, “Take a look at people who have done it the old school way, and compare how their mouth and gums feel. Then compare the perio chart numbers. I promise most people do not have the success and numbers you are getting. Most people don’t get to keep all their teeth.” For me that is not a good enough answer, because not everyone cares for their mouths the same way. Not everyone owns a water pick, Sonicare or uses natural toothpaste. I know I can’t live in the “what ifs,” but for now…I do.

2. Now that it has been over two years from my first visit with “the worst news ever,” I do have an amazing story. My husband was also told he needed a deep cleaning on all four quadrants, $1600 was what they wanted. His chart was showing 3-6s, but he was not losing bone like I was. We just could not pay for that and my Lanap ($8000). So he agreed to floss more and stop using all commercial oral products, as well. He did try oil pulling a few times, but it really made him gag. So, I persuaded him to use a Sulca brush, because I loved mine so much. He also switched to SMILE PASTE by Heather Lane Cosmetics (my company). The other day, we both went in for checkups and x-rays. The new dentist was blown away at the difference in both our charts. Hubby no longer needs deep cleaning, and his deep pockets of 4-6s are 3s again. Now he can get a regular cleaning for $100…WOW!!!

3. The dentist was also amazed how tight my teeth were and how I, too, have maintained 2-4s, where there were 6-10s. We don’t floss 2xs a day either. My belief is that what you are using orally as a rinse and toothpaste is most important. I also believe the Sulca brush is amazing, feels good and is easy to use. I use it often. I now carry floss picks, aka interdental picks, and I LOVE THEM! They don’t fit all my teeth, but I love using them to get where the Sonicare can’t.

4. The most important thing I have learned in this very hard lesson is to change dentists often. Why? Because some are far more knowledgeable than others, some have had better education than others and some are truly forward thinkers! “Drill and fill” is truly old school thinking that does not support prevention and oral health.

5. We only have one set of teeth and if keeping them healthy is your priority I say don’t just take one dentist’s word for it. Do your own research and start asking questions like:

· What type of fillings do you use?

· What is your success rate with implants?

6. If you ask any of these questions and the answer is NO…it may be time to find a new dentist:

· Can I have a copy of my xrays?

· Can I have a copy of my perio chart?

· Where are the crowns made that you use on patients?

· Do you use a dental dam when removing amalgam aka silver fillings?


I hope this helps anyone who is searching to save their own mouths or who has been given the worst news ever, like me. I searched high and low two years ago and very few people told the whole story from start to finish. Gave details or even choose the path I took. Here are my other 2 posts that go with this 3-part Story.

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Be good to your teeth and smile LOTS!
😃🤗 oxox Ms Foodie aka Heather

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