Turmeric Benefits and My Golden Ginger Tea Recipe

Turmeric Benefits and My Golden Ginger Tea Recipe


Turmeric the “golden spice” is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant aka Curcuma.

Curries and Indian dishes dazzle, with this gorgeous colored spice. Its exotic flavor enhances sauces, stews, dressings, dessert and even drinks. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which have been the subject of extensive scientific research over many years. If you have not tried fresh turmeric yet, you are truly missing out! Some of the many benefits of turmeric are: pain-relief, immune-modulating, heavy metal-detoxifying, and cancer prevention. This golden-orange flavorful relative of ginger is said to be among the world’s most therapeutic natural substances. That is so impressive and probably why you now see it everywhere across the USA; not only on the spice rack but also the fresh produce section and of course even now in your mainstream pharmacies.

I have read in other herbalists and even Doctors posts…
“There are at least 580 different ways in which turmeric can help the body, not the least of which include its ability to prevent and fight cancer, mitigate radioactive exposure, protect against disease-causing inflammation, and bolster brain health.” Turmeric is no longer the Indian Ayurvedic medicine secret that has been known for nearly 6,000 years. FINALLY Turmeric has been globally embraced and recognized. The good news is, this powerful spice can not be patented but for a moment in 1995 it was and good for us the US patent department admitted their mistake and reversed it!!! I believe everyone has a right to grow their own food, herbs, have clean drinking water and air. Unfortunately that is not always the case.


Like ginger and ginseng, we consume the rhizomes (looks like roots)  This is what the plant looks like:

The whitish flower is Turmeric, the beautiful pink is a Wild Turmeric from Australia. So tropical looking…don’t you agree?


How I use fresh turmeric:
I love grating it right in my chili, spaghetti and soups. Of course I always use extra in my curries because I include dried as well, they both bring their own flavor. I’ve used it in many salad dressings, carrot ginger our family fav and sometimes I have just grated it right on top of my salad.
I have made ice cream, cheesecake, truffles and creme brûlée. Added it to dark chocolate smoothies and even milkshakes. Warm Golden Milk is yummy but for those who want yummy without the fat try my golden tea.
When I started making my own toothpaste, I was using fresh turmeric. I did not feel my teeth were getting whiter and I was wasting all this herb. However I still blend it in my soaps, creams, salves for my cuts and I love it in my face butter.

Here is a recipe for my:

2 organic lemons (juice and zest)
2-3 inches of fresh ginger
2-3 inches of fresh turmeric
1-2 tsp of raw honey
1 quart mason jar or heat proof container
Boil some water on the stove or in an electric tea kettle.
Peel your ginger and turmeric with side of a spoon, if you choose. Many times I get mine from a hydroponic farmer so I do not bother. Grate it right into your container. Next wash and zest those lemons, then juice them. I literally do this all into my mason jar, lightning speed lol. You can also toss the whole lemon rind in for added benefits but you will have a bitter finish. I do both.
Just as the water comes to a boil, that is plenty hot. Like steeping tea. Next add your honey, little bit at a time…taste and repeat to your taste. This tea is amazing Hot or Cold year round. I love it especially when I feel thirsty and water just is not doing the trick. I always drink this tea when I am feeling run down (great time for stinging nettles too) or I am full blown sick.


Did you know… 1 TBSP of Lemon peel has twice as much vitamin C and three times as much fiber, then just the lemon segments.

Please DO NOT use a microwave for this recipe, then again none of my recipes call for zapping or nuking!
Turmeric will stain clothes, towels and countertops. Glass is best because turmeric will stain, even my metal grater looks golden most of the time, until I grate garlic.
When Myers lemons are in season I always include 1 in this recipe with my 2 regular lemons because I love those floral notes. I personally prefer the full punch of real lemon, so I would never swap them out.



Drink for for your health and to your health,

oxox Ms Foodie

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