Eggs on Potato Chips Anytime of the Day

Eggs on Potato Chips Anytime of the Day

My MIL (mother in law) Debra loves chatting recipes with me. When she realized I could cook, she quit lol. OK I am teasing and of course we live hundreds of miles away from each other, so that dream only happens a few times a year. One day we were chatting and she told me about this recipe she used to make all the time called eggs and potato chips. I was like ” how did you come up with that?” She told me Sunset Magazine. At first it seemed so crazy but if you really think about it, eggs and potatoes go hand in hand, no matter how your potatoes are cooked. I used to order french fries from this one breakfast place because they never could get the hash-browns right, so why not potato chips! I’ve really never been much of a chip eater but my MIL and hubby love the things. One day MIL and FIL (father in law) made us this recipe and BAM we were hooked! Fast forward 7 plus years and eggs and potato chips have clearly become one of my go to fast breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner meals. I have tried a few different potato chips and found some to be much better then others. I have also switched and added ingredients to the original recipe my MIL gave to me and like most of my recipes I never measure anything. Here is my own version of this wonderful recipe that goes amazing with beer, club soda with lime and of course champagne.
I did however Google this recipe and found out the real creator Niloufer Ichaporia King, a cookbook writer who came from Bombay. She created this recipe out of the abiding love that the Indian Parsi community has for eggs. Maybe I’m Parsi? Lol I was floored to find out that not only is Niloufer living in the SF Bay Area (like I use to) but she hangs out with one of my HUGE IDOLS!!! Alice Waters owner of Chez Panisse.

So on with the recipes and a few of my twist…


4-6 eggs
1 bunch of cilantro
1 large chunk of fresh ginger grated or minced
3-6 garlic cloves depending on size grated or minced
5-8 scallions (green onion) all parts chopped
1 Jalapeño depending on your heat level
1 bag of fresh plain kettle chips

Your chips must be fresh and super crunchy of they will just taste chewy and soggy yuk!
Here is my favorite Kettle chip for this recipe, I have also used Cap Cods but they just don’t hold up as well in this recipe. I have tried Tims Jalapeño and will never do that again, it was way to spicy and ended up super salty. Swapping out potato chips for tortillas was fun but not the same and we used a different flavor profile by switching out ginger for green chilies and topping with black olives.

You will need a shallow pan with lid and a small cup of cold water.


This is a super fast recipe once the heat is on so make sure you have everything ready to go.

I usually leave my ingredients chopped on my cutting board but this looks nice right


NOTE: I use a lot more onions and cilantro then pictured, I also use grated and minced ginger because we love that flavor to really shine through.

Next if you are using a small bag of chips, just smash them in the bag, its easy and less mess. We almost always have Costco size bags so I just smash in a bowl. Make sure they are nice size pieces and not just crumbs.
Turn the heat on medium under the pan, get your cold glass of water, get your lid ready, pour in some neutral cooking oil. I use Avocado oil, for most of my sauté.


After oil has heated, sauté ginger and jalapeño, soften but don’t brown


add scallions and stir couple minutes, turn down heat


then garlic for 30 seconds never stop stirring or your garlic will burn (yuk)


keep your heat on medium low, toss in chips, give a good stir to coat,


then cilantro, stir again.






Quickly make little nest holes for eggs but not showing any pan or your eggs will cook to fast and may stick. Make sure no chip shards are poking up in nest, you could do this with back of a ladle. Keep eggs in their own little nest so you can easily plate when cooked.


Now as fast as you can without cracking yolk, lay those babies down for a steam bath.

Look at those pretty fresh country eggs from my friends chickens.

Take a deep breath and slowly pour some cold water on a few sides of the pan, you are only creating steam, not giving the chips a bath. You could also use 1/8 cup to make sure you pour little amounts. Cover as fast as you can and call time! The average cook is 3 minutes for super runny yolks and whites done. You do not want to be lifting the lid because every-time you do, you release all the cooking steam.

Eggs cooked over medium will still work but it is the runny yolks that truly make this dish magical.


Just looking at these photos makes me want to eat this all over again! I love this recipe because it truly can be any meal, cooks up fast, is a show stopper if done right and is CHEAP TO MAKE! Here are some other things hubby and I have loved using walla wallas or any type of sweet onions, we have added fresh spinach with cilantro so it looks more like veggies with some chips and eggs, topped this with fresh chopped tomatoes to cut some fat. We have used fresh scalloped sweet potatoes (precook before you add to mixture) we have also used fresh hash-browns and added ham. Our favorite of course is the above recipe with added spinach.

Let me know if you have made it or done something different oxox

Have fun with this!!

MsFoodie 🤗








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