For the Love of Limes and Their Benefits

For the Love of Limes and Their Benefits


Summer is finally here and for me that can only mean one thing, staying cool!
Ok maybe not just one thing but staying cool is my main goal because hot heat is not my friend. Part of that plan is lots of fizzy water and fresh squeezed lime. I also cook with limes and their leaves a lot. Foods like Thai, Middle East and Mexican dishes. Making salad dressings and desserts with limes. Let’s not forget all those Mojitos and margaritas hubby and I consume too! In this blog I have not only listed some of the many benefits limes can add to your life but also 3 recipes for cleaning, drinks and a dressing/marinade.

I think you get the picture, I do love limes! Here are just a few main benefits to go along with these gorgeous green beauty’s.


Speaking of beauty, I use lime essential oil in my lip and face scrub, body polish and soaps, named Mojito of course, yes I love Mojitos. Lime EO mixes well with lemon, neroli, honeysuckle, lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang and of course spearmint (my personal favorite).

Skin Care: Lime juice and the essential oils are very beneficial for skin when consumed orally or applied externally. It rejuvenates the skin and protects it from infections. It also boosts your vitamin C. Back in the day limes were the cure for scurvy because limes have large amounts of vitamin C and flavonoids.

Cleaning with a natural fresh scent and not some perfume laden toxic over priced liquid from the store. Just as you can freshen your drains with lemons, limes work the same way too. Pink grapefruit is another favorite of mine and can also be used in this cleaning solution.


DIY Cleaning Solution: 1 Cup Distilled Water, 1 Cup White Vinegar, 4 TBS lime juice, 5 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil, 10-15 drops of Lime Essential Oil, mix in spray bottle, shake well and spray on counters, tubs, toilets. I even use it to mop my tile floors.


Even though there are limes out in this world I’m sure I have never heard of, here are the three main ones in United States.

Persian Lime

Also known as the seedless lime, Bearss or Tahiti Lime, the Persian Lime is the most common variety found in the United States. Generally larger and less aromatic, the Persian Lime tends to be both less acidic and bitter than some other varieties, these trees are fast growing. In most Middle East meals you cook with them after they have been dried. This variety has unknown origins but is suspected to be a hybrid of the Mexican lime and citron, a huge, yellow-green, lumpy lemon. Botanists believe this variety was introduced to the Mediterranean area via Persia aka Iran. It was carried to Brazil by Portuguese traders, and eventually made it to California in the latter half of the 1800s.







Key Lime

Made famous by its namesake pie, the Key Lime differs from its larger cousin in a number of ways. First, it’s significantly smaller and as a result yields less juice. In addition the Key Lime has more seed, its flavor is more intense and possesses a bitter component not present in its Persian cousin. Finally, this fruit turns yellow when ripe. As you can see in the photo, key limes are much smaller and clearly more seeds.






 Makrut Lime aka Kaffir Lime

How this lime ever got the name Kaffir, I’m not really sure but why it’s name is changing around the world has everything to do with South African apartheid. Kaffir is an Arabic word for “unbeliever” those who understood and rejected Islam. Through time morphed into a derogatory word Afrikaners used for slaves because unbelievers were also heathens “like apes” So depending on where you are in the world, you will see both names being used.
Commonly found in the near east, the Makrut (Mack-root) Lime is extensively used in the cuisine of the region. This lime can be easily identified by its bumpy texture. This fruit has a very sour flavor and as a result is commonly used as a medicine. There leaves are used in many curry dishes including Thai Food. I love this aroma so much I’d make perfume with them!


Here are some benefits that consuming and using limes and their essential oils topically will provide:

  • Antiseptic
  •  Antiviral
  • Astringent 
  • Disinfectant
  • Helps Digestion
  • Lifts Mood
  • Salt Replacer
  • Vitamin C

Lime essential oil can cure infections, protect against their development, and also contains antiseptic properties. , ulcers, rashes, carbuncles and other similar problems. It can even cure viral infections of the respiratory system. It is effective in fighting other viral infections such as flu, coughs and colds. One important benefit of astringents are their ability to stop hemorrhaging by contracting blood vessels. As a disinfectant it works very well and added to food it will help preserve it longer. One little drop of lime juice can make your mouth water and truly get those digestive juices going. You don’t have to tell me about mood elevation with these little green gems, pretty much all summer long limes of some sort fill the air we breath in and around the home. Add some spearmint and I promise it will make you smile. Lime and celery are both great ways to cut salt in your diet, try it for yourself in juices, dressings and food.

Here is a quick and EASY everyday salad dressing for spring greens, dinner salad, shrimp or salmon salad. Works very well as a marinade too.

Best Lime Dressing
3 ingredients plus fresh cracked pepper
2-4 limes juiced
1/2 tbsp raw honey

Grab your whisk and mix the lime juice and honey really well, then while whisking slowly drizzle EVOO till it becomes the consistency you like. Last add some fresh cracked pepper.  For this dressing and many of my dressings I love these whisks best.
*Please buy and use really good cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. It must be in a dark bottle and have a date of harvest, it is a fruit juice and should be bought in the same year of harvest and be consumed in apx 12 months for best flavor. Bitter or pungent is a good thing with EVOO.
Don’t be put off by bitterness or pungency – remember that these are usually indicators of the presence of healthful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and other healthful “minor components” of top-quality olive oil – unless one of these characteristics is overwhelming and disproportionate to the others.


Ms Foodies Mojito
Everyone knows that rum is what’s used to make true Cuban Mojitos but sometimes I like to switch it up and use vodka but Gin is my favorite!!
You will need:
Lots of fresh spearmint
Lots of fresh squeezed limes
Tanqueray Gin or Bombay Saphire
Raw sugar
Tons of rough crushed ice
Fizzy water

Grab some glasses you like, rough chop some spearmint with a knife to get it rolling, toss in glasses add 1-2 teaspoons of raw sugar, lime juice (from at least 3 limes per glass) take a muddler and get to muddling. Next top your glass with ice all the way to the top, I like to take ice cubes and smash them with the side of my metal meat tenderizer or a hammer, in a zip bag of course. This way I have chips, shards and chunks. Pour 2-6 oz of gin in each glass, add fizzy water to top it off and top with lime and mint if you choose. These are also amazing with no booze at all on a hot summer day.

Sometimes I love to rim my glasses with sugar and crushed Makrut leaves for a fancy, sweet, floral pop.

Please no driving after drinking, these included…stay at home and play cards or watch the clouds roll by!

Enjoy oxox Ms Foodie



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