Food for Thought ~ Balance

Food for Thought ~ Balance


My my whole life I have been an entrepreneur from lemonade stands, selling cookies door to door, making make up kits, blending perfume, cooking for people, babysitting and that was all before the age of 18. After that I started a manicuring career, drove cabs, delivered news papers then finally got into real estate and flipping homes. Today I am a dog sitter, blogger, soap maker who runs many Etsy shops and once again…getting back into real estate. I know balance is a hard thing for me and that was one of the main reasons to leave city life behind in the Bay Area and move to Central Oregon. I find that when I am outta control with little balance and lack of sleep, I get sick and sometimes am out for 4-5 days. Of course I still find time to surf the web for great memes

That is a great quote because so many times I do feel, out of control, to many tasks at hand and nothing ever seems to get done.

Clearly my balance issues are to many different types of jobs and not enough down time. I know people have many different types of balance struggles with job and family, food and health, moods, and some just play to much with no work drive.

In my opinion we all need a little reminder now and then about balance, of course some more then others oxox


My motto for Foodies

For Family, I always live by Dr Seuss’s sage advice. So much that hubby and I got married to “Oh the Places You’ll Go”  I am a firm believer of staying true to yourself.





Have a Beautiful and Balanced Day oxox Ms Foodie aka Heather

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