Pizza Pizza Pizza!!! Fast Food Style

Pizza Pizza Pizza!!! Fast Food Style


Out of all the foods in the world pizza is the one thing hubby and I consume the most of. We eat many types of pizza on many types of crust. If you follow me, I’m sure you will know I LOVE VARITY when it comes to pizza. Even though most of the pizzas we eat are homemade, we do have one fast food staple pizza and it is…YOU GUESSED IT; COSTCO PIZZA!

Rarely do we go on super junk food binges BUT sometimes we will just buy the Costco food court pizza because that crust rocks. It’s already cooked and it is easy to take on a last minute picnic date. Grab some drinks, salad in a bag, find a park and poof instant lunch date for less then $15.

Costco also has their take N bake pizzas in the deli, pepperoni is usually my first choice.

I’m not going to write a recipe per se, because this, my friends, is CREATIVE COOKING at its finest, fast food style.
Go home, chill some beer, pop the pizza stone in that oven and start chopping veggies.

Hubby is a cheese whore, that is just a fact in our home; so we always add extra cheese to 98% of all pizzas.

We call this pizza

Havarti Shroom

Take a few slices of fresh havarti and rip them into random strips, can you find the state of Idaho? Sorry we play with our food a lot in this home!!

I already had some sautéed onions so I tossed them on

Yellow sweet peppers…yummy!

Mushrooms and Italian seasoning YES PLEASE

Top with Costcos Mexican blend cheese and don’t forget the fresh grated garlic!

Bake 400 in ALREADY HEATED OVEN for apx 15 minutes

Let rest the pizza for 5 minutes because you want it all to be melted, flavors married, happy and not singe your tongue…or the roof of your mouth.


Get ready…



That was good…

How do you like you pizza??

oxox Ms Foodie



Even if we just feel like pizza, we will usually have at least a bowl of fresh cucumber slices while the pizza is baking.

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    Tiffany Cesarin
    May 27th, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    The Havarti Shroom pizza looks delicious! I love how you photograph the progression of that slice’s demise!!! I’m definitely going to try this at home!


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