Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?

Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?


It truly amazes me that Dentists always want to blame patients for bad teeth or gums. Claiming the issues are due to “bad brushing or flossing”. The truth is many dentists don’t keep up with new and leading techniques, yet still charge the big bucks. The smile industry is changing fast and lord knows the dentist and specialist (orthodontist, periodontist, endodontist) are cashing in whether they are up-to-date or not.

Of course, there are people out in the world who truly need to work on their oral hygiene, I am not speaking of these people. Right now I am speaking of a mouth that looks healthy to the eye. A beautiful smile, white teeth, no consistent bad breath, and not a lot of cavity’s.

I feel most dentists need to go through more special education in their “specialist field” so they, in return, can better educate. Things need to be updated in oral health, like no more amalgam fillings (silver fillings), they are very toxic and need to be stopped around the world! Doctors in general know very little about real nutrition, so why would you expect your dentist to be educated in that field as well. Big pharma and other companies with big money still have a choke hold on all these industries including the FDA.

In my opinion, people need to understand the importance of the products they use in their mouths and learn about the ingredients that are listed on these products.



I do believe in the power of:

  • Food and how it can heal or destroy a body, including your mouth.
  • The damage that ongoing STRESS in your life can cause!
  • How to change and even reverse your oral issues.
  • Start focusing on what we eat as well as what’s eating us.







My StoryIt All Started With A Tooth.

The end of 2015 I started getting sick a lot. I always had a headache or flu symptoms. My glands felt swollen, I was achy and tired. I had no drive and I was not depressed. The first thing I though was I had a tooth infection, last time I was sick like this it ended up being a root canal. I had already been on the hunt for a dentist I could rely on. The last thing I needed was to have a serious issue and no dentist I could trust.


The super short story:

I have had great teeth most of my life, but not as great as my parents. I have had 2 root canals, both in my 20’s, and 3 cavities, one in my 20s one in my 30s and now one in my 40s.  I realize I have better teeth then a lot of people but, still not as good as both of my parents. I brush all the time, floss often but not daily, and get regular cleanings between check ups. So why am I just now being told I have “periodontitis??” Which is also known as periodontal disease (gum disease) and if left untreated creates bone loss in your jaw? I thought this was something that old people and people who did not brush got, not someone who got check ups every year and teeth cleanings 2-3 times a year. This new dentist also informed me this has been going on in my mouth for MANY YEARS. HOW CAN THIS BE? I have seen 3 different dentist before this new dentist and none of information ever came up for me, other then I have receding gums. I was floored, confused and I really thought she was lying.

The details from start to finish:

My gums don’t bleed, I don’t have bad breath and I am not a diabetic. I get my teeth cleaned every 4-6 months. I have had many dentist in my lifetime because I moved a lot. This story is already long enough and truly only deals with “when the gum loss started happening”. So I am just going back the last 10 years. My first dentist, Dr C, I had actually been with for over 10 years…she told me I was brushing too often and too hard, creating gum loss. Receding gums will expose your teeth, making them sensitive and creating problems down the road. I guess I took that as a vanity statement. I moved and needed to find a new dentist after all these years. By the time we moved house, shop, house again then shop again!!!!!!!! I was over due by a couple years for a cleaning and finding a new dentist, on a visit back to Cali, I actually stopped in for a teeth cleaning from Dr C. Things looked great…a little chit chat and off I went again. In Oregon they actually send you to a hygienist because dentists around my part of Oregon do not clean your teeth. Maybe that should have been my first clue because it became a very expensive lesson! Don’t let a dentist clean your teeth!  I ended up finding a hygienist first, I got new X-rays  letting me know I had a small cavity in a tooth that already had a filling in it. Are you kidding me? Of course…the only dentist (dentist #2) in that office was on a vacation; so I needed to come back and have him take care of it. I liked the office and I really liked her so I was like OK let’s book this! I thought he was rude and so full of himself, amazing how those people find great people to work for them. I wanted a fixed tooth more then I wanted to go find another dentist, plus, I already paid that “new patient fee” Well, Mr. Slick either did not care or was unaware of proper removal of a silver filling. When he drilled out my old filling and filled my tooth he did not use a dental dam. I didn’t know this was such a big issue until I was severely sick for over a week.  That led me to do research on fillings, cavity’s, oral health, and products approved by the FDA. The filling dentist #2 drilled out was an old amalgam filling, aka silver filling. Unfortunately at the time I got this silver filling, I was on a budget, young and I was told it was the “strongest filling money could buy”, plus it was my upper back molar… Who would see it??? NOW I KNOW DIFFERENTLY.

Six months after that drama, it was time for a teeth cleaning, and wouldn’t you know it, that hygienist no longer worked there. I had already decided I was not going back to dentist #2, so the search was on yet again. Around that same time I had an issue with a broken crown. So dentist #3 (this time a referral) gave me some options and I was floored to hear the new prices were about 3x more in Oregon then in California. I did not have the money and he would not do payments. Worst decision ever, I let him professionally glue my crown back on so it would not get infected, but after he charged me a whopping $120, he then let me know it might not last. Why not tell me this before you glue and charge me? I was like sure, but at least it will stay for 6 months to a year while I get my money saved up. He said “maybe, maybe not”…what was I to do, he already glued it in and charged me!!!!!  I was not happy and felt very taken advantage of, ONE WEEK LATER it fell out… while eating a salad of all things. I was frustrated and pissed! My hard $120 lesson here, was it shouldn’t have been glued, because it was so short nothing would ever have held it in. It needed to be whole new crown. It was time for more research and yet another dentist with a great hygienist. Dentist #4, I will call her Ali, took one look at my different x-rays I was carrying around, took all new ones, gave me copies, and did measurements on my “pockets.” Ali actually had a helper writing these numbers down in a chart. This was all new, she was very detailed, and realized (without saying in so many words) I had been duped! My oral history would forever change after this appointment and I would learn more then my beloved Dr C, who did me no favors. According to Ali, my gums were so bad I needed a Periodontist!!


My New Search Began:

After all this new and dramatic news from Ali, I started calling many different dentist to ask their opinions. Of course, I started with my first dentist whom I had seen for over 10 plus years. It was funny how vague our conversation ended up becoming after I started sharing my new discoveries. I called various dentist from all over the USA, many actually spoke with me, looked at my x-rays, and of course, could not really help me without seeing me in person. Most did agree with me that my story did not add up. I even spoke with a holistic dentist who helped with books and research sites. I then paid the big bucks to go talk with and get an evaluation of my issue.


The most aggressive perio was a woman who wanted to pull 5 molars and told me, “you will feel better and your mouth will be better BUT you will forever have periodontitis. This will cost you $6800”. I WAS CRYING HYSTERICALLY, in complete shock. She just pushed the papers in my face for me to sign, I asked her if she was always this cold. She let me know most people do not react like I am. I couldn’t breath, do people not love their teeth they were born with?? How did I go from a beautiful white smile to periodontitis to now needing all my molars pulled. WTF is wrong with this picture? For me pulling beautiful teeth was NOT an option, so off to the other periodontist I went. He said he could do laser treatment to keep the teeth, of course there were no guarantees and he needs $8000 up front because no insurance covers this type of procedure. How was I to pay for this? I sold soap for a living. Could he please work out some payments with me, because it was a 9 month plan we were talking about. With a stone cold face he let me know that he was not in the business of making loans. He was also nice enough to let me know I had some time to think about it because my teeth were not falling out in the next month or so. They did let me know they took Care Credit on a no interest for 1 year. That does not help when they want 10 times more then I had credit for.



This whole story has come from notes I have kept. From start to finish, it took one and half years. There are two more parts to this story, I will post and add links too.

Part Two:

  • The procedure, why I chose my route I took

Part Three:

  •  What I leaned at the end of nine months and did I make the right choice.


My final thoughts for this post:

This news has changed my life forever. I ask better questions, I ask more questions and I do my own research. Just like I would do with a doctor, I get second opinions. I said this in the first part of this long post, I have learned and agree with:

  •  It is what we eat
  •  it is our stress we live with
  •  it is what we are cleaning our mouths with.

And did you know…

Our teeth can give us warning signs to major problems going on in our body’s, from lack of nutrition to heart attacks. Over 60% of the people living in the USA has mild to sever perio problems and on average it all starts after age 35.


My signs were:

Constant flu symptoms, wobbly teeth, nausea, headaches and constantly tired.



I am not a doctor or dentist giving advice or trying to treat someone. I am just a person sharing my own personal story and what I have been told by professionals or have learned along the way. No real names have been used.




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