Mac n Cheese with Poached Eggs and Asparagus

Mac n Cheese with Poached Eggs and Asparagus


We have all had mac n cheese that has been boiled to death then you add back the binder by making a rue. This is way easier then that and once you make it you will never go back, that’s my bet. This is one of those meals that you can eat breakfast lunch and dinner it’s quick it’s warm it’s comforting. I think the eggs poached best when put in a hot oven adding the cream when you serve it keeps your cream from getting greasy and curdled. If you don’t like asparagus you can always swap for spinach both work great with the dish.


Preheat oven to 400
Take a pad of butter and warm and in your sauté pan (oven proof), then add asparagus and green onion. Set veggies aside in a bowl then add more butter to your pan with dry macaroni. Coat the macaroni toasting the noodle make sure not to brown it. Next add stock, let that simmer down and check your noodles for softness, add more broth until the noodles are firm yet done, al dente.
Next add cheese, take off the heat and add rest of your butter…get it rich and gooey. Add your veggies back to the pot, give a good stir.
Crack eggs, cover and bake in heated oven for apx 4-6 mins with lid on. If you do this on your stove top the cheese could scorch on the bottom.
Dish it up and add a drizzle of cream across the top.


You will need these ingredients



stock (veggie or chicken)



green onion

white cheddar

jack (favorite cheese)

pancetta (optional)

heavy whipping cream (optional)

fresh ground pepper


Tips and Swaps

Your noodles are still going to cook while in the oven so make sure you keep those noodles on the firm side when adding cheese.

You don’t like the thought of egg with you mac n cheese, don’t heat the oven and skip the eggs altogether. This is so versatile, easy and yummy!

I get not everyone loves asparagus, spinach is an awesome swap because you really don’t taste it will all the cheese and butter.

Don’t have green onions use shallots, leeks or any other onion you love. Make sure you mince it so it melts away in the sauce.

You could also do a little pancetta, ham or bacon with green peas or even top with fresh pea shoots.

enjoy and never let a recipe hold you back from creativity!!

oxxo MsFoodie

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