Food for Thought ~ Bob Proctor

Food for Thought ~ Bob Proctor

I have been a seminar junkie from age 18 on. I grew up with mom listening to Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and many others. Mom was always writing goals and setting goals. Posting affirmations and making plans for the future. For my 19th Birthday mom bought me a ticket forĀ “The Fire Walk” with Anthony Robbins. Those 2 days changed my whole outlook on life and where I wanted to go, forever!! I have always wanted to live my life my way and be my own boss. Even though I may not be a millionaire (thanks to 2008 crash, that took everything I had built) I do have a rich life and have always loved creating things. One of my many passions is soap making! Selling bath and body products that I have created for the betterment of human skin and mother earth. Heather Lane Cosmetics is very much a passion of mine and helps pay the bills. More then just making money, it is something that can grow with my imagination. Making soap and creating recipes for chemical free, fragrance free and dye free bath and body products is a way for me to give back. To put my money where my mouth is as far as what I talk and blog about. It also is a happy job with little stress and it gets me up in the morning wanting to try new things, meet new people and share recipes and ideas. Here are just a few of my products and of course the link to my ever changing store. One of my goals this year is to start sharing DIY videos; of course my other goal is to blog a lot more then I do now. lol

My Lip Balm that started my whole company after “Burts Bees” sold out to Clorox.

My hand salve is one of those multi purpose products that was made for hands and cuticles but also used on, cracked heels, dry lips, scratches, stretch marks, bruises, sunburns and even face cream when your skin not happy.

Tallow Balm is one of the best products when it comes to eczema

Baths are always my first choice, so you will find lots of bath choices in my shop. Bath teas are amazing for Aromatherapy, natural water softener and herbal benefits without oils in the water.

Adorable Guest Soaps Owls and Hearts

AAhhhh The Love of Soap runs deep with me, textures, essential oils, clays, grains, seeds, coffee, minerals and my all time favorite Salted Charcoal! All colored with micas and clay only.

Hair Care too Shampoo Bars are the best invention ever!!! Zero packaging when you buy directly from me or my shop but I do include ingredient labels.

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What are your dreams and passions? Who inspires you?





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