Hello Dolly Cookie Bars ~ Moms Recipe UPDATED

Hello Dolly Cookie Bars ~ Moms Recipe UPDATED


As you can see, I have always been a hugger and kisser! I have also always loved traditions of all kinds. I love making new ones and passing on some old ones. I also have the belief of… Just because you grew up with certain family traditions does not mean you have to keep them.
My mom was amazing when it came to holidays and one of her best were my birthdays (what do you mean that’s not holiday?) and Christmas. One thing I noticed about all our holidays they were loaded with SUGAR!!! Don’t get me wrong, I have never completely turned my back on sugar but I do consume less then three fourths the amount I used to eat. I broke the habit of dessert every night. I broke my fast food and soda habits over 20 years ago. I even stopped chewing my beloved bubble gum. I try to keep Oreos and Ben & Jerry’s out of the house but sometimes you just gotta have those sweets and there is nothing I can do to stop that obsession when it strikes.

So as much as I hate on sugar, there is still some love and room left to share my moms Hello Dolly Cookie Bars (updated by me!)
This recipe had so much sugar just looking at it made my teeth hurt!!! Even though I have taken more then half the sugar out trust me these things are still SWEET!!!
Hello Dolly Cookie Bars
By Ms Foodie

2 packages of gram crackers smashed or pulsed in blender
1/2 stick of butter melted
1/2 cup of coconut melted and divided
1/2 cup hemp hearts
1.5 cups of dark chocolate
1/2 cup each of walnuts and pecans chopped
1 package of unsweetened shredded coconut
1 can of condensed milk


Mix gram crackers, butter and half the coconut oil together then smash down in oven proof baking dish I use a glass 9×13
Sprinkle a few handfuls of hemp hearts but don’t go to crazy because you want it to all meld together.

In a double boiler melt 1/4 of coconut oil and 1.5 cups of dark chocolate
Pour that all over your crust then top with shredded or flaked coconut I love unsweetened flaked as long as it is super soft and fluffy. Then top with roughly chopped walnuts or pecans or both. Drizzle 1/2 can of condensed milk.

Bake on 375 for apx 20 mins until coconut starts to brown a little bit.


Cut in small squares and these freezes AWESOME!! That’s if you don’t eat it all in 24 hours with a jug of milk😉🙊

Enjoy xoxo MsFoodie

I really don’t want people to think I’m not human or worse a Hypocrite, so here is dirty little secret.
I have went really crazy with this recipe before by adding mini marshmallows and mini rolos. My teeth ached but I ate a lot less lol

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