Quick and Easy Tips to Remember for Your Health ~ Body Mind and Soul

Quick and Easy Tips to Remember for Your Health ~ Body Mind and Soul

It seems the world today is busier then ever before. I know that gets said a lot but really it is so true with the www at our fingertips, it is hard to have human connection. I feel that our relationships have become deeper with our smart phones and tablets, then we have with real humans. I was at a store the other day in a customer service line; when I saw this little girl in a food court at the table, begging for her mom to look at something she had made. Without braking her zombie stare from her smart phone she said “Mommys busy, stop”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Sitting in a food court, eating junk food, while on your smart phone…to busy to take one minute for your daughter let alone put down your phone for a real face to face with your child. It just seems like people don’t know why they are unhealthy or sad or have unfulfilled lives and I say look around, it is everywhere. We all have the same amount of time in a day and just because you are busy does not mean you were productive. So with all this busyness why does our health and wellbeing seem to always take the back seat. We all know by now that fast food is bad for our bodies inside and out but somehow those drive-through’s always look busy!!! Food courts are easy, packaged food is easy but whole foods that serve us in a positive way can be easy too!!

Weigh is a problem for many people but being out of shape is even a larger problem because you can be a fat skinny person. I have had plenty of friends who are considered skinny but can’t walk a a flight of stairs without breathing hard. Stress is a huge issue that I feel most people don’t take that serious. People always say “I’m just so stressed!” But do they really understand what constantly being stressed out can physically do to their body’s?

Even a 15 minute brisk walk can change your whole outlook not to mention get that blood flowing and skin glowing.


So here are just a few quick tips to help you remember better habits or actually form new ones.

Eat 6-8 fistful of veggies daily, this is a great way to measure and remember…

2 fistfuls of spinach in a smoothie, 5 fistful of salad with veggies at lunch and another fistful for dinner DONE! That was easy 🤗
Swap out that morning juice for a real piece of fruit
Drink Half your body weight in OUNCES of water, hopefully filtered or spring (you don’t like water? Try carbonated water with some citrus. Try water with cucumber slices, citrus, mint or even herbal tea)
Brush Floss and see a dentist ONCE A YEAR at the very least, stress can jack your teeth up fast!
Stand when you text or make phone calls, people who sit a lot will die a lot sooner. (More details in a blog very soon)
Stretch and or do yoga 15 mins per day minimum
Write down your goals and read them daily
Write down what you are grateful for every-night and read it again in the morning
Meditate for 5 minutes after you drive home, before you get out of your car
Breathing to calm your nerves or help you fall asleep…

BREATH IN through your nose for 5 seconds HOLD for 7 seconds BREATH OUT for 10 seconds through your mouth REPEAT 5 times.
This is one of those blogs I am sure I will keep adding to with updates.
Got a tip of your own, please add it to the comments below.

Enjoy Life and here is to all of our life long HEALTH & WELLBEING
oxox MsFoodie🍻

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