Happy New Year 2017 ~ Muriel Rukeyser Quotes

Happy New Year 2017 ~ Muriel Rukeyser Quotes

It seems like so much has been going on from the weather to the new president taking office. I have been occupied with all these women marches around the world, from all sides. I can’t help but think about all the trail blazers who have come before me. Even though we lost Muriel Rukeyser in 1980 her words are so relevant for TODAY! Einstein had it all wrong…” The universe is made up of stories, not atoms” That has to be one of my all-time favorite quotes; not only is that stating a fact that we are all made up of stories.It also shows a very different view point then from a man’s view of the world. Another quote I love is “Those who speak of our culture as dead or dying have a quarrel with life, and I think they cannot understand its terms, but must endlessly repeat the projection of their own desires. ” You always hear there is never a new idea and if not fixed, history will always repeat itself. So again another women’s revolution, here we go repeating history but this is for the better of all women.

“I hear the singing of the lives of women. They clear mystery, the offering, and pride.”

If you don’t know about Muriel Rukeyser here is a copy and paste from Wikipedia this is a different photo I chose:


American Poet
Muriel Rukeyser was an American poet and political activist, best known for her poems about equality, feminism, social justice, and Judaism. Kenneth Rexroth said that she was the greatest poet of her “exact generation”.

• Born: Dec 15, 1913 · New York, NY
• Died: Feb 12, 1980 · New York, NY
• Awards: Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, US & Canada (1943)
• Education: Columbia University (1930 – 1932) · Vassar College · Ethical Culture Fieldston School
• Nominations: National Book Award for Poetry (1977, 1952)
1934: At age 21, she covered the Scottsboro case in Alabama, then worked for the International Labor Defense, which handled the defendants’ appeals.
1935: Her literary career began in 1935 when her book of poetry, Theory of Flight, based on flying lessons she took, was chosen by the American poet Stephen Vincent Benét for publication in the Yale Younger Poets Series.
1949: The Life of Poetry written by Muriel Rukeyser was first published in 1949.
1965: The orgy written by Muriel Rukeyser was first published in 1965.
1968: In 1968, she signed the “Writers and Editors War Tax Protest” pledge, vowing to refuse tax payments in protest against the Vietnam War.
1980: Rukeyser died in New York on February 12, 1980 from a stroke, with diabetes as a contributing factor.


Happy New Year to all of us and I will say good bye for now with one more Quote…from an AMAZING WOMAN!

“I hope for quick, fluent copy and memorable pictures. The words would not ‘describe’ the pictures; the pictures would not ‘illustrate’ the words. Together, they would carry a stamp and tell a story.”

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