Quote of the Week – Hippocrates

Quote of the Week – Hippocrates


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
~ Hippocrates

This is by far one of my strongest beliefs and what I am striving to live by daily. With that said I still am far from perfect and I do love a splurge, even if it’s not good for me. So yes ONCE IN AWHILE, I eat fresh doughnuts, junk food and sometimes when I’m really sick 7up is all I crave. The great news is I almost never get sick and when I do I will make homemade chicken soup with veggies and of course noodles.



Grandmas Healing Chicken Soup

1 Organic Whole Chicken

8 Organic Carrots

8 Ribs of Celery

2 Yellow Onions

1-2 fresh Organic Lemons

20 cloves of garlic or 2 heads

2-3 tbsp of Real Salt

1 bunch of fresh Thyme

1 bunch of flat leaf parsley


noodles, rice, veggie noodles or potatoes

Prepping and Making Broth

First wash all veggies very well, then take a few sprigs of thyme from your bunch and zip your pinched fingers down the stem, so all the little leaves come off. Set those leaves aside for now and throw rest of the the thyme stems and all in a heavy double bottom pot. Then cut the bottom off your garlic bulbs pulling a few fat cloves off and setting aside. Take rest of the garlic and break up with a towel, then smash with a knife or clever. Toss all the smashed up garlic in the pot even if the paper skin is still on (as long it’s clean) Trim the very top of the carrot where the greens were and the very tips if they don’t look clean and healthy. Now cut about one to two inches off the thick top part of your carrot and toss in pot. Take the same off the bottoms of the celery and toss them in the pot. Take your onions and cut the root part off, peel off some paper skin and as long as there is no rotting parts or mold just quarter and toss in pot.

Lastly, if using the lemon squeeze and reserve the juice, then toss the lemon in the pot.

Now wash your chicken under cold water and remove the organs pouch from inside the chicken cavity.  You can boil that for your dog or add it to some stuffing. Now lay your chicken on the bed of herbs and veggies and add water till it passes the chicken by an inch or so. Then add only 1 tbsp of salt, cover and bring to a roaring boil.  After about 10 to 15 mins give a stir, drop that down to a low boil and let it cook for at least 1 hour, add more water if chicken is not covered.

After one hour give another stir and see if you can with your spoon break that chicken apart, if so do that and add more water if you need to. If not wait another 30 mins till your chicken starts falling apart. After your chicken is in a few hunks, simmer for another 40 mins to 1 hour.

Turn off the burner and let the soup rest and cool.

When cool enough to handle your chicken, scoopthe chicken and bits out letting it drain in a colander back into the pot. You do not want to waste any of your healing stock.

Get a bowl and another pot (whatever you are storing your soup in) Now, start pulling off your chicken meat and place it in the bowl. Set that aside and let’s make the soup!

****Tips for bones and carrots are at the bottom of this page****


Grate or smash and mince your 3 cloves of peeled garlic, set aside

Dice or slice your remaining carrots and celery

Heat the pot then skim some of that chicken fat that is starting to settle on top of the broth. Add chopped veggies to hot pot and sauté the carrots and celery. When veggies start to sweat in about 5 mins or so, add garlic and a splash of lemon juice to deglaze the pot. Place your colander over your pot and pour all that broth into your new pot. You want to let simmer for 15 mins, while you prepare your noodles. I usually take my first pot add water rest of the salt and boil my noodles. DO NOT COOK your noodles like you would pasta for spaghetti, just boil long enough to take off some starch and soften them. Then dump out all the noodle water, rinse the pasta in super cold water to slow down the cook time. All burners off, toss your chicken back in after you have shredded it into nice size pieces, stir in your herbs, then add the noodles, gently stir again, cover and let rest till the noodles swell and become al dente.

I know it sounds like a lot of work but really it is easy and the more you do that faster it becomes.


You spend so much on Organic chicken I really want you to use the whole chicken. From here you can make bone broth or dog soup. If you are making dog soup please keep those yummy carrots and this is where you can use up those organ bits as well.

I almost never add all my chicken back to the soup especially if I am sick. I like to make quick chicken salad sandwiches with half that tender breast meat or quick chicken tacos or chicken burritos.

Tell me what you crave when you feel sick,

oxox Ms Foodie

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