Food for Thought- To Vote or Not To Vote

Food for Thought- To Vote or Not To Vote


As I watched the second debate last night between Hillary and Donald it made me think, “wow, it is amazing how people don’t listen.” I don’t think Donald answered one direct question all night. Hillary did better but I really wish she’d stop promoting her fact check site and bothering with some of her come backs to Donald. I was so disappointed the other night when the hopeful Vice President running mates were asked their VERY FIRST QUESTION, neither one of them gave a direct answer. In fact neither one of them answered the question at all; how would you lead if you had to take over. Watching old white men bickering it out was a waste of my time so I made a great meal and hubby and me watched a movie instead.

This election year has truly felt like a three ring circus and we don’t even have cable! Is it really a coincidence, that creepy clown spotting’s are almost making bigger news then our own presidential debate!? I am starting to get the feeling that if you have money or people are willing to give you enough money anyone who wants, can now run for the job of US President. You just have to be a big mouth.

I cringe when some of my best friends tell me they have no idea who they will vote for yet or if they will vote at all!!! My first answer back to them is “then I don’t want to hear you bitch about ANYTHING WRONG!” About jobs, medical, your rights…nothing!
Then this morning, I turned on my iPad and saw a new TedTalk posted on YouTube…it really hit home. Here is the video I think everyone should give 13 minutes of time to.





No matter who your vote is for, I hope that you get out and VOTE!


oxox Ms Foodie




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