Did You Know…Public Library

Did You Know…Public Library

I love BOOKS! I love reading, collecting, flipping trough and now writing books. I have always loved going to the library, especially big library’s like in New York, SF and Portland. They are all so different yet the same, even small towns have libraries. Do you like libraries? Have you ever traveled to a new town just to look at their library?


You will soon Figure this out about me, so I will just tell you now. I REALLY LOVE self help books. I love learning new things and sharing what I have learned. I will never forget one day while listening to One of my mentors Jim Rohn…he was speaking about how easy and FREE library cards are to get but how many people never took advantage of that. It struck me funny because I thought everyone went to the library to do school things, i.e. everyone would just keep and have one. So I started asking people I worked with and random people on the street…”do you have a library card?” (I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy) I was floored how many said “no.” Wow, I guess Jim was right! Just because it was easy to get and have one, it was also easy NOT to get and have one.

When Matt and I moved from Cali to Oregon I went to the new library to browse ect…but never got a new card because I had no need to check something out. I, also have a magical little tool called Google. Well today I needed some books so I went down to get my new library card and I was blown away that they now have library books on Kindles!! You can borrow these books for three weeks then POOF! it leaves your Kindle and you don’t have to do anything else, plus no late fees!!! “Yahoo!!!!” that alone should make people run and get a library card and/or a Kindle.


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