Food for Thought – Mindful Eating

Food for Thought – Mindful Eating

Hurry hurry hurry…why are we always in a HURRY!?


I know for me, growing up both my parents were always in a hurry. Hurry up!!! get out of bed, hurry eat your breakfast, hurry brush your teeth, hurry you will be late for school, hurry get home and do your chores. Then the evening was all about hurry and get ready for dinner, hurry finish your food, hurry take a bath, hurry finish your homework, hurry go to bed.  Why? I now find as an adult I still hurry a lot. It cracks me up that I would choose and marry a man who has no clue what “hurry” in my family means. He is so methodical, he eats slow naturally but not always mindfully, he walks slow when I need something and YES sometimes it drives me nuts!! I have to to remind myself to chill, that it is my hurry, hurry, hurry upbringing I no longer have to do as an adult. I remind myself that “HURRY” does not always serve me. I have learned through yoga, meditation and mindful eating it has helped me with controlling my stress levels. Even though I still catch myself “in a hurry” the one part I do my best at, is being present when eating. I find that being mindful while eating is not only good for the body and soul, it also is a great way to keep your overeating in check. I find it really does help your waistline when you practice mindful eating; you “slow your roll” and stop shoveling it in. Mindful eating will also let you taste your food, try it…see for yourself.

Take a moment to think about where your food came from, who planted it, watered it, grew it, picked it? Who raised it, fed it, did it give its life so you could eat it?

I promise doing this this a few times will make you start to ask better questions, to make better choices and for some… it might change the way you eat altogether.  I know when I first started, I was hurrying through the questions so I could eat! LoL It really is funny how your childhood can follow you through life.


I love mantras, like quotes they are “my thing.” So here is one of many mantras I like to say.


Mindful Mantra for Staying Present…no mater what you’re doing.

“Mind and Body at the same place at the same time”

repeat at least a few times or more throughout your day.

Be present, be in the moment…because you will never get it back, once it’s gone.

There is a reason why “Keep Calm and Carry On” is everywhere nowadays. We all need to chill unless of course we are in “hustle mode”


Did I forget to share I love oxymorons too?!



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