Sticky Toffee Pudding Winter Birthday Cake

I would never claim to be an amazing baker BUT I do have a few dessert recipes that will blow your mind and knock your socks OFF! This my friends is one of them. I know sticky toffee puddings are more of a UK thing but I’m here to tell you it can become a […]

Chocolate Milk Cows

I can honestly say I have lots of opinions about food, what to eat and of course what not to. I know that consuming a whole cake is not good for anyone because of all the sugar which is double worse if it was made with white flour. I know diets come and go. The […]

Best Purple Mashed Potatoes

  My love for potatoes runs deep, I am from IDAHO! Even though I tell people I grew up in Nor Cal (Northern California) but am now an Oregonian. I still blame my passion for potatoes on Idaho. Many years ago I fell in love with purple potatoes and soon found out it was for […]

Brie and Cranberry Wreath

  We love Brie cheese so much in our family, we eat it often!! We love double creamed, triple creamed, goat milk Brie and even commercial American brie. So, finding new ways to display our brie appetizer  or new recipes to share is always a good thing. I love this recipe because it does look […]

Best Turkey Brine – Savory Apple Citrus

My husband I have started our own tradition for Thanksgiving, we make it a 2 day event. Whether we are hosting for family, friends or just us, cat and dog included; 2 days is the way to go. Once the menu is planned and shopping is done, I usually start with the brine! We are […]

Is it Really Better to Give Then Receive

The age old question…would you rather give or receive!? Which is better? I personally think both are important!   To receive with an open heart and to be truly grateful for the gift received including compliments, is a win win. If someone tells you your dress is cute or you look radiant today, do not […]

Benefits of Mushrooms Edible, Powder and Tea

    I am no expert on mushrooms, but I do consume them a few times a week, and I drink mushroom tea more often now due to easy access. Interesting fact: Mushrooms that have been exposed to the sun will contain Vitamin D, and you can even increase dried mushroom Vitamin D content by […]

Clean Drinking Water for All –

I am a huge believer of Paying it Forward. I am also a great fan for giving back to others wether it be time or money or products I personally make.  One thing I am not a fan of are non profits like Red Cross who makes millions every year to only find out; a […]

Thankful and Grateful – Food For Thought

  It has been studied and proven that being grateful is good for your heart, mind and soul. Everyone knows that being grateful is a good thing. But did you know… • Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression. Grateful people are more likely to behave in a prosocial manner, even when others behave less kind. People […]

Delicata Squash Veggie French Fries “deli-fries”

  Fall is in full swing and that can only mean one thing…soups, chili’s and stews OH MY! Winter Squash is everywhere right now and WE LOVE IT!! It is truly so much more then just the Halloween and Thanksgiving décor and pie. Butternut squash has been a favorite for over ten plus years before […]